Wannabe Magazine

Working for Wannabe Magazine was a priceless experience for me. This was the first time I actually wrote blogs, learned how to write movie reviews and suggestions, experienced that beautiful “your deadline was 5 minutes ago” stress.

The most beautiful thing was that I had a complete freedom when it came to the writing style. This is where I formed as a “writer”, where I learned how to cope with the lack of inspiration, where I learned how to conduct interviews, etc.

Unfortunately, all texts are in Serbian, but for those who are interested, I wrote blogs, movie reviews/ recommendations/ news, characteristics of notable people throughout history related to their horoscope sign. Did I mention there are more than 100 of these beauties out there?



Šta žene žele (What Women Want)

As a very dedicated cinephile determined to become a film critic one day – I expanded my movie review-writing over to another online magazine “What Women Want”. At this wonderful magazine, I got an opportunity to try myself out as a theater play’s critic.

As an art historian, I wrote a couple of catalogs, one of which was published in this magazine as means of promoting young artists in Serbia.





Still in Belgrade 

I had an opportunity to collaborate with this amazing magazine in its very beginnings. I wrote only two reviews for movies “Cloud Atlas” and “Anne Karenina” after which I dedicated my time to Art history research and writing scholar articles.






Ah, a lovely throwback to my scholar days. Actually, it’s not much of a #tb since I’m still in these geeky, precious waters. Anyways, I’m like a Two-Face when it comes to writing. On the one hand, I’m this witty, narcissistic, slightly sarcastic blogger who writes about everything and anything. On the other – I’m a researcher who got published in the most prestigious scientific journal in Serbia – Matica srpska. Wondering what I wrote about? Interwar art in the function of political propaganda *drop the mic*.

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Editor for Modern Art Section / Digital Account Manager (2018-) 

Back in 2015, we founded an art-historian journal at the Cathedra for Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy. This journal, unique in the Serbian the academic community, represents the best example of collaboration between students and professors. I was voted the Editor of Modern Art Section, and since then I’ve had the honor of reviewing articles of my wonderful colleagues. 

Since March 2018 I took upon myself the complete Digital Marketing in order to promote our work and spread the word about the opportunity of publishing articles in our journal to students in the region and entire world (why not?). 

– Creating content and administration of ARTUM’s Facebook and Instagram account
– Creating an adequate social media strategy according to the newest trends and standards of the cultural community 
– Writing monthly reports on web performance metrics
– Market research
– Research of campaigns and new trends in digital communications



Communis Marketing Agency

Community Manager 

As an UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management Master Studies student, I started my internship in one of the prestigious marketing agencies in Serbia. Due to an unexpected series of events, my responsibilities grew rapidly and by the end of my half-year internship, I was in charge of digital marketing of 10 prominent Serbian and international brands, such as kids’ favorite brand Bambi (Plazma, Josh!, Juhu, WellBE, Wellness), adults’ finest Heineken and Strongbow, shopaholics’ Mercator Center, well, just everybody’s’ I guess Roda and Idea, healthy-food consumers Dietpharm, etc. I was also in charge of:

– Creating content and administration of Facebook and Instagram accounts of said brands
– Writing proposals and monitoring digital activities
– Writing monthly reports
– Market research
– Research of campaigns and new trends in digital communications
– Communicating with influencers and photographers