Doing Great Viewpoints the Right Way at Hvar Island

Strong Napoleon (Napoljun)

Whether you’re a couple-ish couple, an adventurer, or a tourist craving for amazing photos that will make entire Facebook community jealous – this is the spot for you. No, don’t mix this with the all-time favorite tourist attraction in Hvar city – The Spanish Fortress. You’re much better than this.

This gem is located on a hill close to the Spanish fortress. The best thing about it – there are no annoying tourists. The second best thingĀ is that it is more than 200 m higher than the said fortress, resulting with the best photo-sessions ever!

The downside is that you can get there only by a car or scooter. But, trust me, it’s more than worth it. The best time to go there is after a delightful cruise around Pakleni Islands, right about in time to see the most amazing sunset ever. If you’re feeling all romantic like, bring some wine along, or a guitar or whatever.

Great Viewpoints hvar island Napoleon strong Napoljun
Great Viewpoints pt 3: Napoleon Strong (Napoljun)
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