Doing Great Viewpoints the Right Way at Hvar Island

Uvala Zaraće

Talking about great viewpoints – try Zaraće. You won’t be disappointed! This is how Zaraće happened. My boyfriend’s two best friends decided they just have to come to Hvar, even if for only two days. So, they came one night, we all went out, drank till the dawn, and tomorrow morning we hit the road.The view alone was enough to chase away the hangover in a second! Imagine a pyramid going all the way down to the paradise. If you want to jump from a cliff – knock yourself out. Just take the left, rustic steps. If you’re more in the mood for the beach, head over to the modern, steel steps on the right.


great viewpoints at Hvar Island Zarace
Great Viewpoints pt 2: Zaraće
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