Doing Great Viewpoints the Right Way at Hvar Island


My boyfriend and I spent about a month over at the Hvar Island this summer. What happened was I got absolutely obsessed with taking photos of the sea. Why? Because of its mesmerizing blue shade, of course! Trust me, there’s not a chance you’ll get enough of staring at it, so make sure you have your camera when checking out these great viewpoints.

Mala Basina

Just imagine – white, smooth, stepped-like cliffs contrasted with turquoise sea. Breathtaking! But, if you’re not tanned or do not have a sun-umbrella and 10 kilos of sunscreen, don’t go to the Mala Basina before 5  pm.

Anyways, my parents used to spend their summer holidays quite often in Croatia before I was born. And they just never missed an opportunity to brainwash me with things like “There’s no sea like the one in Croatia!” “You’ll never know how truly beautiful a sea can be until you’ve seen the one in Croatia,” etc. It was all very frustrating until I’ve actually gone to Dalmatia for the first time some two years ago.

There was this one thing, actually a phenomenon they told me about, and I’ve witnessed it for the first time here in Mala Basina. My mom told me once that the water in Dalmatia is so clear, that you always think it’s extremely shallow when in fact it is a couple of meters deep. So, this is what happened when we stepped on the top of the cliff to jump off of it.

The cliff was some 4 meters high, and when we stepped on it, we got scared to jump. Not because of the height, but because the water seemed extremely shallow. Naturally, I suggested my 2 m high / 110 kg boyfriend to jump first while I took pictures of him. Fortunately for our relationship, as my mom told me, the water only appeared to be shallow, when it was a couple of meters deep. Trust me, you can’t even begin to imagine how clear the water is!

great viewpoints hvar island mala basina
Great Viewpoints pt 1: Mala Basina
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