Doing Great Viewpoints the Right Way at Hvar Island

  My boyfriend and I spent about a month over at the Hvar Island this summer. What happened was I got absolutely obsessed with taking photos of the sea. Why? Because of its mesmerizing blue shade, of course! Trust me, there’s not a chance you’ll get enough of staring at it, so make sure you […]

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Adulting 101: Sundays are for Unicorns

  Two years ago, I finally graduated from my second MA. At the same time – I was thrilled and scared to death. Why? Well, I finally got rid of that everlasting tension – a constant companion of every exam, paper, and research. ¬†On the other hand, I finally got rid of that glorious tension […]

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A Road Trip From Zagreb To Hvar Island

Do you like road-trips? How about some drop-dead gorgeous waterfalls, intact nature and yet to be fully explored lakes? Then make sure to check out my experience at Travelicious World.

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