Adulting 101: Sundays are for Unicorns


Two years ago, I finally graduated from my second MA. At the same time – I was thrilled and scared to death. Why? Well, I finally got rid of that everlasting tension – a constant companion of every exam, paper, and research.  On the other hand, I finally got rid of that glorious tension which I would just LOVE to resurrect!

It was all just swell in the beginning. I got my first real job in this great marketing company, and then “The Devil Wears Prada” mode kicked in – I was all “high-heels, glasses, high-waist pants” followed with chit chats and laughs over coffee with my colleagues.  Just imagine how happy I was when I didn’t mind working for free 10 hours a day. Yes, I was head-over-heels to work on weekends (for free)! It made me feel very important when I got my first dark circles around my eyes and lost weight. “That must be what successful adults feel like”, I thought to myself. “No time to see their friends, no time to go to the cinema, no time to breathe, eat, and sleep. Ahhh…” And the best part – it’s all for free!!!


I am embarrassed to say it took me half a year to realize that I willingly surrendered to slavery called “it will look good on my CV”. So, I quit the job and started working as an online tutor. And then as a web content writer. And a visual media subtitler. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice I started doing three jobs at the same time – but somehow it happened. I guess that’s just one of many treats of adulting. The weirdest thing is that I actually loved it! I worked when I wanted to, I traveled over to my boyfriend’s whenever I felt like, I ate out in the restaurants… But the absolute horror was that I lost my Unicorn day! And that, my dearests, cannot be allowed!

Did you say “Unicorn Day”?

In case you’re wondering what a Unicorn Day is – it is that one majestic day, where nobody and nothing can touch you. Let me elaborate on that.

When you were 5 years old, that day was almost EVERY DAY, and you weren’t even aware of it! Then schools kicked in, and you had to wait for Winter/Spring/Summer holidays to live the unicorn way. Unfortunately, along came adulting and things escalated quickly – no more three-months-long holidays, no more “I’ll just skip this class” or an entire year of life and do nothing but waste the air around me. Somehow, your life turned into a constant chase of money, so that you could be free to do whatever you want when you get those few free days. And when weekends or vacation time finally arrived – you were not in the mood to go out like you used to, or hang out all day long with your friends, or even get out from the apartment.

adulting 101 unicorn slippers

Finally – I started respecting this glorious feeling! Consequently, along came an appreciation for every single moment of freedom to decide how and with whom you want to spend your precious “job-free” moments. Wow, can you even imagine having an entire day like this? Thought so. This is why I call these days The Unicorn Days.

The crucial thing is to not get overwhelmed when you sense this day approaching. Yes, I know it’s hard and that you want to do absolutely everything you planned during your stressed out period, but let’s be real – you risk ruining your precious day to bits. So, here are some tips on how to have a successful, relatively balanced Unicorn day like an adulting pro you are.

Tip 1: Don’t leave your apartment unless necessary

Everybody has their preferences of the day a Unicorn Day should take place. My personal favorite is Sunday. I’m not sure why. But maybe it has something to do with the fact my mom got tired of carrying me around in her belly for nine months and dropped me out to this world on this glorious day. It absolutely doesn’t matter whether it’s raining, snowing, or it’s all spring-ish and happy-chappy outside – I like to spend my Sundays estranged in my own room. I can take into consideration going out in the late afternoon, like 6 pm or something like that (which I’ll do today – I have an all afternoon/night GoT marathon with my bestie). This is the day when I put on my boyfriend’s oversized hoodie and drop-dead-gorgeous unicorn

Back to the point. It absolutely doesn’t matter whether it’s raining, snowing, or it’s all spring-ish and happy-chappy outside – I like to spend my Unicorn Sundays estranged in my own room. This is the day when I put on my boyfriend’s oversized hoodie and drop-dead-gorgeous unicorn slippies, when I make pancakes or some extra greasy breakfast, turn the volume up on some good ol’ jazz and read/Netflix all day long.

adulting 101 Game of Thrones marathon with bestie

I can take into consideration going out in the late afternoon, like 6 pm or something like that. A good example of socializing activity on a day like this is an all afternoon Game of Thrones marathon.

Tip 2: Treat yourself to “I’m gonna have a heart-attack and I couldn’t care less” breakfast

You worked your ass off in the past God knows how long. You wanted those extra few minutes of sleep which cost you your breakfast. Maybe you ate something on your foot, or even in the office while answering your emails (or waiting for students to enter the virtual classroom). This is your chance to make up for all of those fallen breakfasts.

adulting 101 scrambled eggs breakfast

What you see in this picture are scrambled eggs on sandwiches. With some motovilec salad on top of it. Other times, I just like to make a salty version of American pancakes and I’ll share that recipe with you very soon.

I don’t know if you’re superstitious or not, but there’s some logic to “the beginning of the week will determine the rest of it”. The same thing goes for days! This is exactly why your Unicorn-ishly rare days should start as fabulous as ever!

Tip 3: Travel back to the last century

Now, this might be the most crucial thing to do. Forget about 21st century! No phone, no emails, no NOTHING! Play your favorite tunes, pick up a book from your long forgotten shelf, log in to Netflix and watch an entire season of a show!

adulting 101 cat book coffee

Right now Sinatra is singing from my iPig “Just One Of Those Things”. Clouds are coming down and it’s all romanticly rainy outside. My book (currently reading Jo Nesbø’s Phantom – I’m absolutely in love with Harry Hole) is calling me. And this is why this blog entry is gonna end right about now. No more “work” for today. I’m gonna follow my on tips now.

But, before I go, I will share with you my crazily mixed up playlist of various jazz musicians from different eras:

Here you’ll find everything from Nouvelle Vague to old classics like Louis and Ella, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, etc.

Let me know how you like to spend your sacred Unicorn days! What’s your soundtrack for them?


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