About Me

What's the point?

Hey, guys! Thanks for visiting. So, in a vast universe of blogs, what's so special about this one? Oh, yes, it is most definitely just one more blog that offers one's perspective on subjects of "pros and cons of adulting", lifestyle, travel, tips, etc. But what makes it worth your while are interviews with your everyday people. I'm not interested in all the mesmerizing places reserved only for the rich&famous, but rather those of us commoners, which are, actually, most of the time - much more amazing. I have to say though, this is not the only reason for writing these interviews.

They all offer a personal perspective of many people who have different tastes, personalities, are interested in different things, have different ways of doing things, etc. This means that there is a much greater chance that you will find something that will rock your world and actually help you find your way around beauties of the world.

What I'm going to do for all of you is:

  • Choose a destination and one of my great friends (including wonderful ME) who visited it.
  • Do a thorough interview with them about everything and anything about that place.
  • Hopefully, one day, I will visit those places myself and give you my personal perspective on them as well.

I love to travel - but that's not my only passion. You see, I did a lot of things over the course of time, like playing piano and acting, studying the history of art, management, the theory of culture and film, and all of that came from my neverending lust for watching movies. Yes, people - I'm a huge cinephile, and I watch absolutely everything, from the trashy "I'm ashamed to admit I watched this" movies/TV shows to the real classics. And you're gonna have an opportunity to read all about it right here.

Did I mention I love to cook and eat? Hell yeah! I go to the gym so that I could indulge myself on this field. So, in case you're struggling with the pressure of adulting and those conventions that you're supposed to "know what you're doing" and actually feed yourself along with surviving your aging then be sure to check out my Day-To-Day Adulting blogs.